Corn Chips Business Plan

Business Plan Corn Chips Business Plan 2020-07-09

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This business guide looks at the process, operations, opportunities, possibilities, and challenges of operating a corn chips business in Kenya. Though the report is focused on corn chips the nature of the market means that we will have to mention other related products like corn curls and fryums. This will help you better understand the market and with it opportunities available.

Corn chips, curls and similar are what are technically called extruded snacks, manufactured through an extrusion process which we explain later in the report.

At first glance, it’s clear that the snack’s space is attracting more players both big and small. Companies which had been in the ready to eat snack business for years have now invested heavily in the corn-based snacks segment of the market.

That said with the right strategy the market is still big enough for a new player to survive and thrive. This will become clear as you go throw the document.

What Exists Presently
The Kenyan market for ready to eat snacks has been expanding very fast for the last 15 years. For long the market had been limited to potato crisps, popcorn and peanuts and such simple products.

That has gradually changed and the range of products has expanded to include a variety of corn-based products which consumers have responded well to. Corn snacks in Kenya were introduced around 2007 and since then, their growth, at least by the shelf space and players in the market, has been rapid.

These corn products include corn chips, corn curls, and even fryums. The latter came into the local market around 2014 and have been performing exceptionally. They are without a doubt one of the fastest-growing segment of the market.

Other relatively new snacks are wheat-based, and recently those made of rice.

Factors Driving Expansion In The Snacks Business
The expansion in the product range of the ready to eat snacks has been driven by:
Consumer Demand - In the last few years, easy access to information means that consumers at all levels of income are more exposed and informed. They are more open to try new products. Lifestyles have also changed such that consumption of snacks especially in urban areas is not an occasional event rather almost a daily habit among adults and children.

Lower Barriers To Entry - The opening up of the economy also means that barriers to entry in the business have been going down. Although some level of bureaucracy still exists and there are regulatory challenges it’s now much easier to import machinery and raw materials than it previously said 20 years ago.
Competition and innovation among equipment manufactures have also led to lower prices have made machines accessible to more entrepreneurs.
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