How to register a SACCO Cooperative Society in Kenya

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How to Register your Co-operative Society

Requirements before registration:

Registration of Co-operative Societies in Kenya is regulated by the CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES ACT, CHAPTER 490, Revised Edition 2012 (2005)

The Co-op Act,in Section 4, states that for a co-operative to be registered it must adhere to
the following:
(a) the promotion of the welfare and economic interests of it’s members;
(b) has incorporated in its by-laws the following co-operative principles—
(i) voluntary and open membership;
(ii) Democratic member control;
(iii) economic participation by members;
(iv) autonomy and independence;
(v) education, training and information;
(vi) co-operation among co-operatives; and
(vii) concern for the community in general

In addition to the above:
• in the case of the primary society, it must consist of at least ten persons all of whom shall be qualified for membership of the co-operative society;
• in the case of a co-operative union, it must consist of two or more registered primary societies
• in the case of an apex society, it must consist of two or more secondary societies
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