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    Movie Shop Business Guide

    Bora usifungue cz msee amefungua ama a crowded place, you can make an easy 2k daily kukiwa kugumu Enda muthurwa, chukua movie za dj afro, smith na sky, convert them to mkv/mp4/3gp format,(ama udownload youtube zikiwa mp4) uza 30bob kwa flash since ata wale wanazipenda huwa wanazibuy kwa flash...
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    6 reasons why you and many other people are poor.

    1. They don’t act their income. People say money doesn’t buy happiness yet they spend to feel good. Broke people have cars and the latest iPhones. Because of this need to appear rich, they remain broke. 2. They don't increase their income. The only reason poor people don’t get paid more because...
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    How comes i consumed 50 units of electricity in 9 days?

    It's even possible to consume 100kWhs in 5 days leave alone 50kWhs in 9 days. Usage is all that matters my friend. Kuna mtu akinunua airtime ya 100shs hukaa wiki while to another hata siku haimalizi. However I am not ruling out 2 issues: 1. Faulty meter hence generating measurement errors 2. A...
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    What Should You Do When Someone Steals Your Business Idea?

    You must be careful with friends. I told my friend of a gift I was to buy a pastor, then she rushed to buy it to overtake me. Its not like the pastor had requested. Some people's brains are zero innovative, they can't have own ideas, but worry not, you can still go ahead with your plan because...
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    All you need to know before you start a Mutumba business in Kenya

    Good evening savers?How are you keeping up with the situation? Well, anyone interested in doing mtumba business?Doing online or shop or whichever way you prefer? What else could we have for mothers day other than inspirng each other? Allow me to share few things, I hope 8someone learns one or...
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    Should i do an mpesa agent, mitumba business or open a boutique?

    Cereal business very good but on Mpesa do more research. People have lost money big time in Mpesa business
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    Will Tala auction my stuff? I have a loan with them and many other mobile lenders

    Tala itself messed up its clients. Majority of clients take loans pay then take another. So for instance your salary is 30k, you owe Tala 30k, without another source, you hear they aren't loaning would you pay when there are bills to pay, a family to feed? No. That was their number 1 mistake...