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    Courier Business Plan

    Thank you @Admin for these business guides. I hope you will be updating the documents as the dynamics in the market and trends change.
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    Here is how you can retire in 7 years or less.

    I guess as Kenyans we are so used to scams that before we even think through an idea or if the idea sounds too simple it is a scam. This here makes some sense...
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    8 to 5 jobs are obsolete and so is brick and mortar shops. Kenyans, get yourself some online jobs

    The job module is changing are hard to come by writers n forex traders r surviving the economic crunch
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    Should i buy a motobike and hire or buy a car and use it for taxi ama Tuk Tuk?

    Consider this also,insurance covers, police tolls which is to commence come july, maintenance cost ...adjust them from your budget...i would advocate for buying cereals and farm produce and supplying them to factories and markets respectively you will enjoy your savings multiply...if you find...