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    How much is minimum wage in your country?

    In Croatia. For prices in it, this is not big amount. You need at least double just to live normal. If you want something more for you and family you need 1300$.
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    Drone control school

    Can you give some more suggestions, flaws and good sides? On what should owner be careful? What drone should he buy?
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    6 Must Join Chicken farming Facebook Groups in Kenya

    Nice research. Did you try post affiliate links there? Are those allowed in groups? Maybe link on site with chicken theme? That could be even better.
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    Hello newbie. Tell us more about yourself. What is your area of earning and what skills do you have?
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    How much is minimum wage in your country?

    In my country minimum wage is around 500$. It is very low and it should be bigger. Many employers pay often even lower amount for some jobs. Many companys also like low wage since salarys in that case are not to big. People should leave such jobs and go in some better place work. How much is...
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    Is James Bond best spy?

    James Bond, every body knows for him and most people consider him best spy ever. I got many girls and saved world many times. I can't remember any other spy who was so popular and powerful as him. He also had great tech and support from MI6. Many people think he would be even better if CIA was...
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    Drone control school

    What do you think about starting drone control school? Drone are already everywhere and it will be more and more present when delivery jobs start be done with drones. You should buy few good drones, have area where would people drive drones, make some tests, prepare curriculum and get approval...
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    I don't think it is good. You need to invest a lot in equipment and graphic cards are not cheap or power source. Also, you can't charge a lot for playing, only if it is some tournament. You will not have almost none income since almost everybody have computer today.
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    You can always invest 10$ in betting sites but I don't think you mean on this type of invest. I think you can find such sites but be careful. Low invest mean bigger chance for scam.
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    And how you will know when it is maximum? Some say it will never get price from 2017, some say it will go even more up. It is hard predict what will happend with bitcoin.
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    Looks legit. I find payouts proofs on two sites Foxyrating and Beermoney. Some proofs are from last ween and some few weeks older.
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    Borrow money from Opesa, Okash at your own risk

    I don't have such apps but I would never borrow money from untrusted source. Better took from bank since it is trusted than from some who use unapropriet ways of advertising.
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    Are drinks without sugar more healthier than regular?

    I agree with this. Nothing is super deadly if you don't drink it to much. Everything is super deadly if you drink it to much, even bread.
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    Writing online - an easy job while at home

    What do you write? What is your niche? Did you ever think starting a blog or some news site? It can be easily done with Wordpress and be very profitable.
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    Online business that will boom after the pandemic ?

    I agree with mobile games but it is not easy to make it. I think hardest part is idea. You need to build entire story on paper and later draw images and do programing stuff.
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    Saving should become a Habit

    Do you mean you will find a regular job? At regular I mean 8-16h work in some store or something similar. In that case save online earnings but you won't be able to spend much time for it.
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    Reasons why you should avoid HYIP

    I really don't know who would give you 10% more money for doing nothing. I understand when somebody invest in company or stocks but those cases you have background. In HYIP and similar programs there is nothing behind it.
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    First invest in this is space and animals. You need to buy rabbits, If you will buy smaller number and wait to mate to get new, it will last longer until you start earn.
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    Financial Problems

    Getting money from savings, canceling travels, less going into bars or restaurants, finding extra job to get some extra money, borrowing from friends, taking loan.
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    Welcome new user. If you stay here little longer I bet you will get enough information. Unfortunately I can't help you about that since it is not my niche.