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We will try to keep this forum as simple to understand and navigate as possible. Below are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from members:

1. What is Super Savers Forum (SSF)?
Super Savers Forum (SSF) is a Kenyan online Business Discussion Forum with a special bias on inculcating the saving culture to its members. Where members can Learn, Earn, Save and Share business and related ideas and resources. See more details on All you need to know about Super Savers Forum (SSF)

2. What are SSF Points?
Super Savers Forum Points (also called SSF Points) are the award points that you earn simply and easily just by participating actively in the forum. 10 SSF Points = 1 Kenya Shilling

You will NOT be required to pay anything to get SSF Points, neither will you be required to do complicated mining or tasks to earn SSF Points.

You will be able to use SSF points as an online currency in the forum to buy and sell goods and services in the forum. You can also exchange your SSF Points for Kenyan Shilling (KES) and other traditional international currencies ( to be added soon).

Our objective is to be able to harness the wisdom of the online community to establish an engaging platform that will benefit the members and non-members alike.

3. How do I earn SSF Points?
There are many ways you can earn SSF Points, and we will keep updating this list as we get more sponsors on board. These include:
  • 10 SSF Points for Posting a comment on the forum (general chat).
  • 20 SSF Points for starting a new thread.
  • 100 SSF Points for uploading an avatar/profile picture.
  • (5 - 10) SSF Points - Earn random points Daily for just logging into the forum.
  • 5 SSF Points if someone likes or reacts to your post
  • 100 SSF Points for Registering to the forum.
  • 200 SSF Point for referring a friend to join using your referral link.
  • 100 SSF Points if a member downloads a resource that your upload in the resources center.
  • Donation - A friend can donate/send SSF Points to you.
  • You can also BUY SSF Points from @Admin or any approved vendor in the forum.
  • Sell Services for SSF Points e.g. Subscribing to a members' YouTube Channel, Facebook Page or group, writing an article, etc
  • You can also upload manuals, plans, ebooks or anything that you think members would like, and earn SSF Points every time they download.

4. What Can I buy With the SSF Points?
Currently, below are the goods and services you can buy using your SSF Points.
  • You can redeem KSh. 500 for 5000 SSF Points.
  • Business Plans, Guides, Books, and Magazines uploaded in the forum.
  • Sponsored Tweets and Social Media Promotion.
  • Locked Content - A member can lock his/her content so that it is only visible after paying him/her some SSF Points.
  • Website Hosting at 15,000 SSF Points per Year.
  • Forum signature to promote your website or referral link on the forum.
  • Banner Advertising and links to your Website.
  • Graphic design e.g. Logo design.
  • You can buy content for your website or forum using SSF Points.
Coming Soon
  • Domain Names - We offer domain names at 15,000 SSF Points.
  • Exchange SSF Points for Cryptocurrency e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, etc.
  • Redeem SSF Points for Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom Airtime.
  • Redeem SSF Points for Safaricom Bonga points and Bundles.
5. Can I Exchange my SSF points for Kenyan Shillings (KSh.)?
Yes, you can redeem a minimum of 5000 SSF Points for Kshs 500. This will be transferred to you via M-Pesa, Airtel Money, or PayPal. Note: Payout will be done on specific dates based on availability of funds. We encourage members to trade within the forum.

6. Is Super Savers Forum (SSF) a Scam?
No! Despite the fact that we are still a new forum, we do not ask you for any money in return. All you are required to do is to participate actively in the forum. Members who have successfully bought resources, or receive the payout will share proof of payment on the forum.

7. How much are the SSF Points worth?
Typically 10 SSF Points = 1 Kenya Shilling (10 SSF Points = 1Ksh.) if you are exchanging SSF Points with us for Kenyan Shillings or PayPal Cash. Note that transfer charges will apply. Members can set their own rates when trading amongst themselves within the forum.

8. How much do i earn for referring a member to the forum?
You will earn 200 SSF Points for every valid member you refer to the forum using your referral link

9. How do I earn from posting?
You will earn 10 SSF Points for every new comment/ reply/post in a forum and 20 SSF Points for creating a new thread. The most successful way to earn from posting is to make High Quality and helpful forum posts.

10. What is a high-quality post?

A high-quality post is:
  • At least 100 characters long.
  • Contributes Positively to the discussions in the forum.
  • Should be original and not copied (plagiarized) from other forums.
Substandard posts will be deleted and you risk losing SSF Points and get a warning or total ban from the forum.

11. How can i withdraw my SSF Points for Kenyan Shillings?
From your wallet, transfer your SSF Points to Kenyan Shillings then contact @Admin to exchange for KShs. or PayPal.
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I am not fro. Kenya , and at such don't know how I can withdraw my earning .
Paypal is not available in my country as well.
Hello @Josemendez
We are still developing other cash out methods as we seek more partners.
Meanwhile, you can as well:
  1. Trade your SSF Points for services, goods, resources, hosting space within the forum.
  2. Exchange your SSF Points for Bitcoin, Sendwave, Payoneer or any other currency with other members within the forum.
  3. SAVE - we are here to learn how to save. We offer the virtual currency to enable members to have the saving culture. We will soon have a bank that will earn you interested on SSF points saved.
Most of these are work in progress, we hope to launch them when we get more sponsors and partners on board.

Thank you and welcome to Super Savers Forum (SSF).


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SSF Points
This is a very nice forum geared to impacting the youthful generation with knowledge and insight towards a more successful way and mode of life. I love this and proud to be part of SSF. Love the transparency and way in which the ssf points work. Useful