Quick Guide to Creating a Business Plan in Kenya

Munyasya Caren

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Creating a business plan to help you establish your own business is one of the most important steps when you are planning to set up a business in Kenya or anywhere else in the world. This quick guide will help you get started. You can also download FREE business plans and guides here.

Define your goals
The first part of your business plan should include a list of your goals, the market that you intend to enter, the capital required, the company structure, and a brief history of your company. These are things that should be taken into consideration when creating a business plan.

Business Overview
It should also include a detailed overview of your business objectives, how you plan to conduct the operation of your business, and your financial and business projections.

This section should be very detailed and should include a description of your business's structure. It should also include details of your working capital and current liabilities. The purpose of this article is to allow you to prepare a complete business plan.

Financial Projections
The third section of a business plan is the section that will contain the financial projections and other business analysis. The analysis should be based on the assumptions that you will make for your business. The assumptions should be based on the data that you have and the knowledge that you have gained in your previous projects. It should also include a forecast of the future of your business. The analysis should include the projected amount of revenues, the estimated sales, the number of customers, and the estimated number of sales personnel.

Actual Plans & Investor(s) portfolio
The fourth section is the section that will contain your business plans and the investor. This investor(s) should have all the relevant knowledge about your business and should be able to evaluate it in accordance with the analysis that you have prepared. The investor(s) should be able to provide you with a clear cut idea of the capital that you are going to require to start your own business.

The fifth section is the section that will contain you, the entrepreneur. The information about the entrepreneur should also be included in the business plan. This section will contain a summary of the entrepreneur and an analysis of the entrepreneur's background.

The sixth section is the section that will contain the analysis of the entrepreneur. This analysis should be based on the assumptions that you have made for the entrepreneur and the data that you have gathered for the analysis.

Creating a business plan is a necessary part of your business and it is essential that you have all the sections included in your business plan. This will make it easier for you to follow your plan. and it will also help you in the future when you start a business.

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